Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Almost a Millionaire

The other evening we were relaxing before heading to bed when our phone rang.
Wayne answered and a person on the other end said the words most of us at one time or another "have dreamed of hearing".
He said "Is this Mr. Forester?" "I am calling to confirm that "You" have been chosen as our "Number 1" prize winner!"
"What did you say? I won what? I din't enter any contest and I can't understand you."
After a minute or two he told the man on the phone to "talk to my wife" and he handed me the phone.
"Hello?" The man gave a name and told me that indeed my husband had been chosen to recieve first prizein the Publishers Clearing House Sweepsteaks! He said that not only did he win money but also a new car and other prizes as well.
Well, I think that would wake just about anyone up! $1,500,000! Now that is a lot of cash. And a new car and other prizes?
"You have my attention" I said.
As I listened my head said "this is crazy" "these things only happen to other people". I was sure I had misunderstood, so I repeted that we had not entered any contest recently and had not even purchased a lottery ticket.
"Now, please listen to me, Mrs Forester." he said. "This is legitimate, your husband is the winner of this years contest."
"We have his entry here and we just need to confirm some basic information. It will only take a few minutes." He continued to insist that Wayne was the big winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes! He said only 5 names had been drawn and Waynes was the top prize winner. I stayed on the line and continued to listen.
I was having a hard time understanding his heavy accent as he confirmed our name and address and ask several other questions.
I kept questioning him as to why he was calling at such an odd hour and why he needed information and after several minutes the line was disconnected----
Well as I'm sure you have realized by now. "The prize patrol never arrived!"
We are still waiting--
Perhaps, just perhaps "dollars will someday fall from the sky", but not this week and probably not next.
If and when, this windfall arrives at our door we will be sure to let you know!
But, until then,remember the saying--
"If it sounds TOO GOOD to be TRUE, It probably IS."

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